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"Write it Right" CERTIFICATION

write it right certification
Advisor Certification.

Don't overlook one of the biggest assests in your service department. That asset is your SERVICE DRIVE. Everything starts and ends with your service advisors. And like many service departments, service advisors work the longest hours and get the least amount of training. Yet, they produce all of your sales and if done incorrectly will cost you money and profits.
This is why we believe your service drive needs to at least have these fundamentals when working the service drive.

How about your service drive knowing the many rules and regulations set up by the state? Are your employees following the regulations of the B.A.R. and are they in compliance? The WRITE IT RIGHT self certification allows your staff to learn and certify at their own speed. Once the course has been passed a certification of completion will be presented.
Here are some examples of questions in the Write It Right course.  

advisor write it right
Write it Right Certifications.
This course is designed to help any service departments service drive. Every automotive service drive will be able to take something from this course and being applying them to their shops special needs.
But, you will see a increase in your service drive sales from your advisors writing repair orders correctly!
Kick start your service drive today!  

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