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With over 35 years in the automotive industry, Automotive Service Management is here to help your automotive repair shop improve its' overall shop performance and profits. Automotive Service Management offers a line up of services for automotive repair shops to help increase shops profits and technicans and service advisors productivity. View our free demos, like the Write it Right certification, where we say, If you can't pass these simple 10 questions, then what makes you think your employees can? Or the Digital Walk Around form, where you can now inspect what you expect. Review any form made by your service staff.

Does your repair shop get customers complaining that you dented or damaged their vehicle? STOP those unneeded claims and increase service drive profits. It only take one claim to cover your cost to have a digital walk around. Save time and reduce LOT DAMAGES due to poor documentation. A digital service walk around creats a digital version of the walk around with pictures. Documenting  items you wish to be inspected. Get odometer, tires, body panels, windshield images before the vehicle is removed from the service drive, protecting your business from unwanted repairs. Read More

Does your service drive know the rules and regulations of the state to help insure that they and your service drive is in compliance? Does your service staff know that when they start a repair order they are entering in to a contract between your repair shop and the customer? And that they have a obligation to your shop and to the customer to provide a level of service all set by the state to protect the customer not you! Dont let your service drive cost you money by not following these state set regulations. Read More

Ever wonder about your shops productivity? Are your technicians working at a rate to help cover their time at your shop. Do you have the correct ratio ofservie advisors to technicians? Is your shops effective labor rate really what you think it is? We have many tools with our power work books for you to use. The power work books will help you with the productivity, performance and the profits of your shop. Read More

Need help with analizing your shops performance? We can help you with a low cost off-site evalutaion. Off site evaluations help business owners like yourself address areas that might not have been thought about or forgotten. The evaluations are designed to help you look at other areas within your bussiness that might be costing you money and bleeding profits from you. Our off site evaluations are very cost effective for even the smallest repair shop to afford. Read More