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Increasing  Service Department Profits and Performance!

Automotive Service Management - Increasing Service Drive Profits & Performance

With over 30 years of automotive experience in both OEM and aftermarkets sectors, we understand how complex your business has become and we are committed in helping you increase your service department gross profits and shops performance!

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The Road to Increased Profits is having a road map! Start your road map with a Off Site Evaluation! 

One of the best ways to get started is by creating a step-by-step road map.
Automotive Service Management is here to help assist you with improving your bottom line profits. And this is where we come in.
With our OFF SITE EVALUATION, we do all of the heavy lifting, while you take care of running your business. We compile your shops information, then present you with all of the findings and recommendations to help improve your shops profits.  


Knowing where you've been helps you get where you're headed. Build and improve gross profits and shop performance with our POWER WORKBOOKS!

POWER WORKBOOKS were created to chart repair shop performances and to improve gross profits. Power Workbooks Series are designed to be used with excel or open office. These workbooks chart past performances and allows you to make small or large changes to see what effect it has on your shops performance.  Power Workbooks are just some of our resources used to evaluate a shops peformances. 

Automotive Service Advisor "Write it Right" certification!

Service advisors are one of your most important asset. Yet, they get the least amount of training.
Let us help with with our Bureau of Automotive Repair "Write it Right". The coarse insures that your advisor  understands the B.A.R. rules and  regulations of Write it Right. Once a individual passes with 100% they receive a certificate showing that they completed and passes all 50 questions. 

Managers - We invite you to take our free DEMO. It's only 10 random questions from the test. We find less than 10% of the managers pass the 10 questions. 
It's totally free

We offer the following Services for

** Advisor Write it Right Online Certifications ** 
*** Power Workbooks for Increased Performance ***
**** Off Site Evaluations for Auto Repair Shops Looking to Increase Profits ****

With over 35 years in the automotive industry, both OEM and Aftermarket, Automotive Service Management (ASM) is ready to assist any automotive repair shop with improving their overall service performance and gross profits.

Automotive Service Management is dedicated to improve automotive repair shops profits, technicans & service advisors productivity and Effective Labor Rates.

What better way to start looking at your lower margins and profits than with our remote OFF SITE evaluation. With a Off Site evaluation this means lower cost to you. Our off site evaluations help business owners like yourself address areas that need to be addressed. The off site evaluations are designed to look at areas within your bussiness that could be costing you money or bleeding profits from your bottom line. Our off site evaluations are very cost effective for even the smallest repair shops. Read More

Ever wonder about your shops productivity? Are your technicians working at a rate to help cover their time at your shop. Do you have the correct ratio of service advisors to technicians? Is your shops effective labor rate really what you think it is? We have many tools within our power work books for you to use that will help you in evaluiating your shops performance. The power work books will help you with the productivity, performance and the profits of your shop. Read More

Does your service drive know the rules and regulations of the state to help insure that they, and your service drive is in compliance? Does your service staff know that when they start a repair order they are entering in to a contract between your repair shop and the customer? And that they have a obligation to your shop, and to the customer, to provide a level of service all set by the state to protect the customer - NOT YOU! Dont let your service drive cost you money by not following these state set regulations. Read More