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"Write it Right" CERTIFICATION

Is your Service Department Certified on the  Bureau of Automotive Repairs "Write it Right" Rules and Regulation?

Don't overlook one of your shops biggest assests in your service department. YOUR SERVICE DRIVE!. Everything starts and ends with your service advisors. And like many service departments, the service advisor works the longest hours and get the least amount of training. Yet, they produce all of your sales, and if not monitored they can cost your shop BIG MONEY!

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Write it Right Certification:


The Write it Right Certification is a on-line course, allowing your staff to study the Bureau of Automtoive Repairs write it right Handbook either at work or at home. Once they have completed reading the handbook they log on to our site for certification.

To complete and recieve a certificate, individuals must complete the course with a 100% passing grade. Certification has 50 questions and all of the answers can be found in the handbook.
Still not sure? Try our free demo of 10 random questions. Only 20% can pass the demo version! Can you pass with 100%? 

Write it Right Certifications.
This course will help service department / service drive managers verifiy that his staff  have read and understand the Bureau of Automotive repairs requirements. Every automotive service drive can take  something from this course and applying them to their shops special needs.
Now increase your service drive sales by having them writing repair orders correctly! And the peace of mind that you truly know that they have read the Bureau of Automtoive Repairs Write it Right handbook. Because, you now have a certificate proving that they completed the course with a 100% passing grade!  

Kick start your service drive today!

Try Our Demo Version - It's Free! 


Write it Right Experience!


Don't overlook one of your biggest assests.  That asset is your SERVICE DRIVE. 

This is why we believe a service advisor needs to know the fundamentals of properly writing a repair order. First you want to be in step with the Bureau of Automotive Repairs  so your company doesn't violate state BAR regulations. As well as helping you keep your profits and customers happy!


Does your employees know the rules and regulations set by the state? Are they following those regulations? The WRITE IT RIGHT self certification allows staff members to learn these rules and regulations and certify at their own speed. Once the course has been passed a certification of completion is presented.

Here are some sample questions in the Write It Right course.
* What needs to be placed on a repair order so that yor shop is in compliance with state regulations?
* Do you know how to document a customers authorization?
* Do you need to save the old parts and if so when?
* Must you repair order dosplay your labor drive rates?


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