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Quality Walk Around.
Digital Walk Around
Make It Digital.

A good walk around inspection will help eliminate additional cost from customers believing you damaged their vehicle. As well as it allows you to address items often overlooked as in Tires, Batteries, Wipers, Air Filter, ect. SEE DEMO

A quality walk around allows your service advisors time to talk to the customer and to build a rapor. This is a must if your in sales! Your service advisors must take the time to know their customers long before trying to sell them on a product that the customer didnt come in for.

The Digital Walk Around is a online form that takes the process of walking around the vehicle into a digital record of the walk around. This handles several items. By having your service drive performing the DIGITAL WALK AROUND you will have a electronic version for the experience. You can now look at every inspection for tire condition. Or body damage? Now when a client says that you damages their vehicle you have a snap shot of all side of the vehicle and even the windshield condition. 

We can design a Digital Walk Around Form for your business or use one of our pre designed forms. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will customize a form to your needs. No more trying to read someones hand writting. Your advisors has all of the information from the walk around. Stop lot damage claims with a well documented walk around.

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Digital Walk Around is a must for every service drive or bodyshop.
Protect your bussiness from un needed expenses due to your employees not performing a quality walk around. 

Try Our Demo Version - It's Free!! 

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